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Foot pressure scan with 2704 sensors

Footplate - Dynamic foot pressure measurement and postural analysis

The Rothballer FOOTPLATE are intuitively operated pressure plates for dynamic foot pressure measurements and postural analysis of the body’s centers of gravity. With just six clicks, you will receive all meaningful data on the function of the foot, the timing of the roll-through and the movement of the body’s center of gravity.

At a height of only 5 mm, the Rothballer FOOTPLATE offers exceptionally high-quality sensor technology and data, as well as power supply, access via a single USB connection. With wear-free sensor technology and digital calibration, the FOOTPLATE delivers clinically valid and continuously calibrated data with perfect interpretability. Successful therapies, e.g. such as a cranium-sacral treatment or the status of a sensomotoric insole recommendation can be documented.

Technical data:
Specifications FOOTPLATE
Active Sensor Area 400 x 400 mm
Numbers of Sensors 2704
Sensor Size 7,6 x 7,6 mm
Sensor Type capacitive
Sensor Resolution 1,7 pro cm²
Calibration 100% digital
Frequency Max 100 Hz
Dimension of Plate (d x w x h) 565 x 440 x 27 mm
High of Measuring Field 5 mm
Weight 2,3 kg
Range of Measurement 10 – 1200 kpa
Integration of USB cam Optional
Dynamic Pressure measurement Yes
Dynamic Posture control Yes
Network connectivity No
1:1 Printout Yes
3D View Yes
Multistep Recording up to 15 steps No
Automatic Left/Right check No
Evaluation of individual parts of the foot No
Step phases No
Gaitline/Display of max. Pressure Yes

Specifications Requirement
Operating system Windows XP - Windows 7 (32 or 64 Bit)
Processor no Intel Atom
Port 1 x USB (min. 400mA)