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Rothballer 360


The back is taken up by the 3D-Scanner LIVE and displayed on the monitor.

For a perfect result when scanning the patient must be stripped to the waist with his back to make the scanner. In contrast to the previous easy-Line is the color of the bras in female patients is negligible. Each scan takes about 2 seconds recording.

With the 4 marker points you have any feedback about the currently active measuring. The four display options (Live / Grey / Red / Rainbow) are freely selectable. You can enter 2 values with fixed distance. With the 3rd Modes you can adjust the distance to the patient variable. So that you can determine what will be seen in the picture (only back up to the knee or whole body)

Display types

After the scan, you have the opportunity to compare different 3D and 2D display to each other and identify the best posture with appropriate insole pads. By the free rotation of the ability to generate an assessment scan images in the frontal plane and in vertical direction is possible.

Angle view after insole pad constellation

After the exposure of each pad you can compare the changes by means of angle (charts) and determine the optimal result graphically.

Neurological insoles

Due to the high speed scanner, you can control the position of the foot and also the relative positions of the pad.
The selection of the deposit is made easier by the apparent impression on the monitor. Size, location and strength of the plantar pad is visible on the monitor so that it is only to be fixed under a special blank the edges are sanded and finished the neurological contribution.

control pad down under
high speed scanner

documentation options

You have three options for documentation, which can individually update after each scan.

1 Activities:General Activities, Sport-frequency, other activities, vision screening, pine test
2 Question:to education and physical condition, operations, etc.
3 Graphics:marking options of the individual, pain-sensitive parts of the body, numbness, tension, etc., and the inclusion of written notes.