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The Software

With the Software "3D-Reconstruct" you can capture any objects in full (so 360°) 3-dimensional. This allows you to digitize your foam marks or capture the feets and legs ot the patient 3-dimensional. Of course it is also possible to scan the entire body.

Enter the data obtained on a milling machine then simply continue to order as Of milling inserts or strips. Of course you can also access the data later (e.g. in the workshop) and let the important data of the foot can measure it again (length, width, ankle height, ball size, height of the longitudinal arch, ...)

You see, the application possibilities are endless!

The Handling

The usage is very simple. You "drive around" the object to be scanned easily with the 3D scanner. You hold the 3-D scanner in the comfort of your hand. A shake is not possible here. The software automatically puts together the 3D image for you LIVE. You can watch the monitor at any time, which areas have not been scanned. It ensures you a full 360 ° screening of the object.

Perfect 3D capture as easy as shooting!

We point out that the scanner can not be the only analysis tool, but also good professional practice or in individual cases must also find the current conventional methods used.